Caftan Morocco

The Moroccan Caftan

The Moroccan Caftan seems to be known by all, and yet we are not always able to define it or even explain where it comes from...

  • What are the origins of caftans?
  • What is this traditional Moroccan dress made of?
  • Which are the Moroccan designers to know?
  • On what occasions do we wear this dress?
  • What events are dedicated to him?

There are a number of questions that we're going to try to answer.

History and origin of the caftans...

The Caftan is a traditional Moroccan dress with very distant origins. We owe it to Moorish Andalusia, which itself borrowed it from Persia...

For those who don't know what Moorish Andalusia is, which was my case, it is a region of Spain that was Muslim thanks to the Arab-Muslim conquests of the 7th century.

Conquests and exchanges have allowed us to inherit a treasure, a true cultural and identity element. The caftan rhymes with Morocco, and even today members of the royal family do not miss an opportunity to wear it.

Caftan Moroccan Royal Family

The pieces that make up this Moroccan dress

If there are nowadays different caftans, the Moroccan caftan is mainly recognized by its confection.

These models are variable as well as their prices... everything will depend on the work done, the materials chosen, the sewing... so much to tell you that the making of a caftan is not an easy task.
We get lost in the technical terms, and when you are not an Arabic speaker, things get even more complicated. Some caftans are entirely handmade, the slightest stone, the slightest embroidery ... everything is manual, faithful to the requirements of the craft.

This is precisely what explains the high prices, but we must add that these are real jewels that required a huge amount of work and unparalleled precision.

But faced with the success of the caftan, a form of industrialization of it took place ... the sewing machine replaces more and more the fingers of fairy tailors, and the models are made in number and automated way.

Some models are completely machine-made, "bel makina"... This is how we manage to find in the markets models inspired by haute-couture models, but at low prices and of course not using the same materials.

The making of the Moroccan Caftan

Speaking of making caftan, it is not useless to recall in a precise way what composes the caftan.
There are: the sfifa, the Zouaks (embroidery), the aakads (buttons), the mdamma (belt) without forgetting of course the fabric or rather the caftan itself on which everything is grafted.

Each of these elements requires a work of goldsmith, which combines meticulousness and quality... Then comes the assembly, which allows the caftan to take shape.
The creativity of the designers and the trends of the moment are orienting the caftan fashion, and we are witnessing more and more a form of simplification of the caftan .

The length of the fabric is decreasing, leaving room for shorter and shorter sleeves and more and more curved cuts... The initial modesty is not always there to the point of seeing Caftans revisited to the extreme...

In any case, the traditional caftan is proof that femininity and elegance do not necessarily rhyme with nudity...

ready-made caftan

The caftan stylists you don't want to miss...

The Caftan inspires and fascinates. It allows designers to express their creativity.

The play of colors, the choice of fabrics, the cuts ... all combinations are possible and imaginable, hence the growing popularity of talented designers.

Opportunities to wear this dress...

Originally, it is a dress that women used to wear on a daily basis but nowadays it is not the case at all. Western fashion has conquered us and is part of our daily life. As for the Caftan, it takes on a character of exception today that is why we reserve it for the great occasions.

And during weddings, it is a ballet of Caftans that we observe, Caftans rich in colors, ornaments, fabrics ... what is certain is the elegance that emanates from this dress whose success continues to grow.

And we can even notice, that this dress seduces all origins, because it is a guarantee of femininity, splendour and beauty...and it can be personalized as you wish.

As for me, since I was a little girl, I used to take great pleasure in wearing my caftans, I felt beautiful, tall... in short, a real little woman. This love of caftans continues to this day, and we all have nieces or little cousins in our entourage, who can barely walk, waddling proudly with their baby caftans.

girls caftan

Today we can say that the caftan is widespread throughout the world, because since the 80s, a modernization of it is set in motion by many Moroccan designers. Thus, it meets the requirements of the Haute-Couture and becomes a luxury product in its own right.

Caftan parades...

Moreover, many events are dedicated to him in Morocco and throughout the world:

  • Caftan organized by the magazine Women of Morocco (Marrakech)
  • Passion for Caftan with our Belgian friends
  • Fashion made in Morocco by Maroc Premium magazine
  • Fashion Days Morocco (Casablanca)
  • and many others....

Anyway, the Caftan continues to travel and renew itself...

If you don't find what you're looking for, we invite you to visit the specialized store Caftan4You which has a large choice of Moroccan Caftan and Djellaba.

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