Moroccan Thobe

Moroccan Gandoura

The Moroccan Gandoura is a traditional garment that embodies elegance and simplicity. It generally consists of a long, loose dress that makes it very comfortable to wear, with a straight or slightly flared cut and three-quarter length sleeves.

The neckline is usually rounded or V-necked, adorned with passementerie (Sfifa) and four-thread trimmings made by hand or by digital embroiderers.

This thobe is deeply rooted in Moroccan culture and reflects the country's history and traditions. Thanks to its experienced craftsmen, Morocco has been able to preserve this authentic heritage and know-how while adapting to new fashions and trends over the years.

The Gandoura's unique style has been exported throughout the Muslim world. You'll find it mainly in the Maghreb and West Africa, with each region having its own specific characteristics.

Embroidery all over the torso, often tone-on-tone for the Tunisian Gandoura, bright colors for the Algerian Gandoura, and a much fuller cut for the Saharan Gandoura with patterned fabrics.

Each region has adapted this garment to its local customs, sometimes even changing its name. In West Africa, for example, this garment is known as the Moroccan Boubou or the Moroccan Abaya.

When can you wear Morroccan Thobes ?

The Gandoura is ideal for daily prayers at the mosque, as well as for Friday prayers (Joumou'a). Unlike the Saudi or Omani Qamis, the Gandoura is renowned for its loose, flowing cut, making it very comfortable to wear during the long Salat nights of Ramadan (Taraweh).

Along with the djellaba, it is one of the most popular outfits for Muslim religious holidays such as Aid al-Fitr and Aid al-Adha.

During the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages to Mecca, you'll find many pilgrims wearing Gandouras, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they're simple and practical: they can be put on very quickly, they hide the 3aoura so you can pray while still being mestour, and they protect against the heat thanks to their supple fabric and wide cut. offers you Gandoura models in linen and Gabardine that will combine comfort and elegance during your trip.

In the Moroccan tradition the Jabador and the Djellaba are the most popular men's clothing for a religious wedding (Hlel) or a Khotba (Engagement), but a White or Off-White Gandoura worn with beautiful white slippers will also make a beautiful traditional outfit. for this event.

Which fabric for my Gandoura?

The main advantage of this outfit is that it's versatile, and the choice of fabric will depend on the occasion and the season. attaches great importance to the choice of these fabrics. Buying fabrics made in Morocco is a guarantee of quality and benefits the local development of our artisans.

Gandoura Gabardine remains our customers' favorite fabric, a mid-season garment that can be worn for all occasions. Made from cotton and polyester, it is strong and resistant to wear and washing, making it a wise choice for outfits that will be worn frequently.

The Sousdi Gandoura is the most elegant, transparent and pastel-colored, and can be worn to complement an outfit worn underneath. A white Farajiya (long Moroccan Qamis with Aakad), a two-piece Jabador, or a Reggabia (traditional Moroccan shirt) and Sarouel.

The Gandoura Mlifa (cotton and cashmere blend) is favored for winter.

Gandoura Linen is soft and comfortable to wear, the naturally breathable linen thanks to its porous fiber structure and its loose fit make it an excellent choice as a summer garment.

Which embroidery for my Thobe?

To offer our customers original collections, chooses to create its own embroideries. Every year, our French-born Moroccan stylist comes up with designs that combine modernity and tradition, an authentic touch that makes our models unique and highly appreciated.

To please as many people as possible, our embroideries are diverse and varied: large and imposing for a traditional style, fine and discreet for a classy look, tone-on-tone or in a different color from the fabric, there's something for every taste and every style.

In short, the Moroccan Gandoura is a versatile garment, with its rich and varied embroidery embodying the cultural richness of Morocco. It's perfect for a variety of occasions, from daily prayers at the mosque to religious festivals and wedding ceremonies. This outfit offers a unique way to celebrate Moroccan culture while remaining elegant and comfortable.