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Amina Boussayri

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The caftan ofAmina Boussayri is imperial, it takes us into a world where tradition is combined with a slight touch of modernity. Happy harmony...

Coming from a family where sewing is king, Amina Boussayri, meknassiya of origin is passionate about the caftan, it is with her mother that she develops and perfects this love.

After her baccalaureate, she studied traditional sewing and then taught cutting techniques at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.



But it is a few years later that she truly entered the world of traditional haute couture by opening her own workshop in Kénitra.

Very quickly, the modest store grows and becomes a company, employing several people. A showroom soon opened in Rabat. Receiving orders from Morocco and abroad, Amina Boussayri quickly proved herself and established herself among the great Moroccan fashion designers.

A fan of travel and especially of Andalusia, it is from the heart of Spain that she draws her inspiration to create her collections, but without ever neglecting her home town.

The designer remains faithful to the traditional image of the Moroccan caftan in the cut, the choice of fabrics or the trimmings she uses.

Dazzled by the work of Elie Saab and his particular blend of colors, she was inspired to create her own palette.

It is the colors and materials that give Amina the idea for her creations, a thousand textures and fabrics feed her imagination.


"The caftan flows in my veins"she explains.

Today, this passionate woman is more and more present on the international scene, particularly in Europe and the Middle East.

Her caftans are like her: they are simple, modern and vibrant with sensitivity and creativity.

Contact information:

37, Rue Ibn Zaraa - Kénitra
Phone: 037 37 60 32
Fax: 0537 36 03 11
email :

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