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Siham El Habti

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A scientist by training, an accomplished stylist today and a lyricist in her spare time, Siham El Habti has more than one string to her bow.

For her second participation in Caftan and her first in haute couture, she offers us a collection that resembles her: eclectic, deep and warm...

The caftan was an early part of Siham El Habti's life.

The woman who grew up in an artistic environment has always been impressed by her mother, who has been a stylist for about thirty years.

When I was young, I used to stay with him for hours...

does she remember...

I was in admiration of the work she did, from the drawing to the making of her caftans.


For my part, I always wore clothes that were out of the ordinary.


Even as a child, I used to take real pleasure in customizing my jeans, shoes, rolling up or even lengthening my dresses...

Although fascinated by the world of fashion and design, she never imagined it would be a vocation.

In fact, it was only later that her passion for fashion design revealed itself to her.




After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1994, she began her studies in optics.

Back in Morocco, she suddenly feels what she defines as a "visceral need" to express herself and prove herself in the world of creation.

From there, she began studying fashion design and model making at LaSalle College in Casablanca, while being initiated by her mother into traditional sewing.

In 2005, the second year of her studies, she tried her luck by taking part in the Caftan pre-selection parade.

My first participation in Caftan as a young talent coincided with the 10th anniversary of the event, an accomplishment and a real joy.

Afterwards, everything follows: she presents her outfits in France and Belgium and combines her work with national and international television shows.

I create according to my mood, the trends, the requested theme or the desires of my clients... It is a real work of reflection nourished by my experience and my feelings which are reflected in my sketches.

she explains.




Sumptuous fabrics, a simple cut, details reinvented and studied to perfection... Siham El Habti's caftans are in the image of this simple, passionate, endearing and demanding piece of woman with herself.

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