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Nisrine Ezzaki Bakkali

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At the age of 34, Nisrine Ezzaki Bakkali is a talent in the making of Moroccan caftan.

Full of sensitivity, she likes to tell her passion and a very singular path that led her to styling and traditional haute couture...

At first glance, nothing could have predicted that this quadrilingual, math and science graduate would take up fashion design.


I grew up in an environment where art and crafts were essential.

My father drew, my grandmother and aunt made caftans. [/su_quote]

I can't thank them enough for introducing me to their art.
For as long as she can remember, she has always drawn, and when she looks back at her drawings today, she finds that they are "not so bad".

As a teenager, she starts to work on her clothes, cutting them up, extending them, superimposing them, to which she adds her personal touch.

But there is no room for her love of art at this time in her life when she is devoting herself full-time to her studies.

She obtained her baccalaureate in mathematical sciences at the age of 16 at the Moulay Youssef high school in Rabat and continued her university studies abroad.
I've always wanted to be a designer.

Furthering my education was just insurance to me. [/su_quote]
Back in Morocco, after 7 years of study abroad, she returns to her first passion, "her desires", and joins the LaSalle College from Rabat.



Her husband encourages and supports her.
He's always been very patient with me and has helped me grow as an artist by being by my side, always.

Currently, she is living this experience as a rebirth and does not regret her choice of studies.

If I'd gotten into fashion design when I was 20, I'd have been less confident than I am today.

Now I'm more mature, more self-confident and I express myself better...

Anyway, I think I'm living it all in good time. [/su_quote]
His creations are only the expression of his thoughts and feelings.

Everything around it can be the starting point of a creation.
I soak up the elements of my environment that mature and emerge naturally on paper.

I have an eternal need to create, sometimes I even get creative spurts in the middle of the night. [/su_quote]


Participating in Caftan is an experience she spontaneously threw herself into.
Two weeks from the date of submission for the preselections, I started to put together my own.

It was two weeks without sleeping where I was doing designs.

Then I got a call with the good news...

Ever since that day, I've been working and creating, and it's a great joy! [/su_quote]

Pour celles d’entre vous qui voudraient visiter son Show Room voici son adresse :

22 Hay Ryad in Rabat



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