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Zineb Lyoubi Idrissi

zineb lyoubi idrissi
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Zineb Lyoubi Idrissi plunges us with his caftans in an atmosphere worthy of a thousand and one nights...

This young caftan designer loves pure and noble materials, colours and floral embroideries and presents us every year a refined collection full of sensuality...

At the beginning of this fashion journey was an old lady...

Zineb Lyoubi Idrissi's grandmother, who excelled in embroidery, accompanied the young girl through all the important stages of her life by making her baby trousseau, and later her wedding trousseau.


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His love for caftan has been passed on to him most naturally over the years.


zineb lyoubi idrissi caftan


She also remembers that, as a child, she spent long hours by her mother's side, playing with fabric coupons and pieces of sfifa.

With her grandmother as a model, who performed wonders, but also her mother who, after starting out in the embroidery of household linen, very quickly discovered her love for the caftan, the young stylist was introduced at an early age to everything related to the making of a caftan. Moroccan caftan.




And in the end, the international business studies she did in Paris after graduating from high school were just a quickly closed parenthesis.

Indeed, at just 25 years of age, she made her first appearance at Caftan 2005 as a Young Talent, and quickly became one of the revelations, as the following year, she was in the Haute Couture section.

She trained in fashion design and model making at the LaSalle College in Casablanca to better master her profession and since then, she has continued to prove herself by participating in numerous fashion shows, notably in Italy, Paris and the Middle East.




His collections are each time more sought-after and surprisingly creative.

Her bright palette of colours "evokes spring, cheerfulness and joie de vivre," she says.

Highly organized, she has a habit of creating in the middle of the afternoon, devoting her mornings and evenings to researching the international trends that feed her work.

The collections she presents are distinguished by the choice of colours and the harmony of the fabrics, which she enhances with sequins and embroidery entirely hand-made... a work that required more than ten months of intense concentration.



Her favourite designer, Christian Lacroix, has inspired her in her caftan creations to which she gives a very glamorous touch, in the image of today's woman.

Pour celles d’entre vous qui désirent savoir le prix de ses caftans voici ses adresses :

Showroom 1 :

Art Couture
Nagham Building
P.O BOX 20100 Casablanca Morocco

Showroom 2:

Art Couture
Morocco Mall - Souk (3rd floor)
P.O BOX 20100 Casablanca Morocco


Website :


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