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Leila Hadioui... the Moroccan model...

leila hadioui
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In Morocco, modeling was a relatively unknown field, but now a woman has come into its own, Leila Hadioui has made a name for herself and proved that it's possible to be Moroccan and a model.


One parade... and everything changes...


Just 13 years ago, at the age of 17, Leila Hadioui was selected for a fashion show organized by Lasalle College in her hometown of Casablanca, which was a real springboard into the world of modeling.

A year later, a first participation in Caftan 2002 marked the beginning of a long series of events (2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), and gave her access to the very restricted sphere of renowned designers and couturiers.

leila caftan 2014


The Moroccan model also had the honor of representing her country, in Chile, at a fashion show organized by the Haute Couture Foundation.

caftan 2014


All this has earned her the position of ambassador for the Caftan Morocco.


Leila... a woman who's always at the top of her game...


Today, Leila represents a certain female role model in Morocco.

Wife and mother of a little girl, she has had a wonderful balance between her family life and her professional life for more than ten years.

leila hadioui and her daughter

Leila and her daughter


Leila and her father

This reference in the fashion world shows all women with busy days that being at the top of elegance... well, it's possible!

All it takes is determination, rigor and, of course, good organization.

His official Facebook page


Head full of projects


Demonstrating unparalleled ambition, Leila didn't stop at modeling.

A role in Mohamed Derkaoui's 2009 film Les enfants terribles de Casablanca marked the beginning of a new adventure for her, that of cinema.



Recently, she appeared on the big screen, alongside Said Naciri in the film Sarah, or on the small screen, in the series Zinat Al Hayat where she plays the role of Nawel.

And these are just a few examples!




We have a promising acting career ahead of us...


But still a passion to share


Leila hasn't abandoned her passion for fashion, however... Every morning she puts on her host's hat and meets her fans on Sabahyate, a program broadcast on the Moroccan channel 2M.

leila hadioui sabahiyates


Dressed in traditional garb, usually a TakchitaShe regularly invites a stylist, who unveils some of her models.

Below the new collection of the designer Anouar Tayka


[su_youtube url="″ width="840″]


And as fashion is not only for women, it shows us that Moroccan haute couture also offers beautiful outfits for men: embroidered tunic, Jabador, Jelaba...

Always beautiful things to discover with this great fashion enthusiast...


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